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      When you think about leaving the country, think of INTO MIGRATION. We are a subsidiary of INTO UNIVERSITY and we have been around for 5 years. We can make your dream of living abroad come true.We pride ourselves in helping individuals and families migrate to Canada, Australia, UK, US, New Zealand and European countries.

Study & Work Abroad.

Step up your game in the pursuit of your career by holding international degrees and certifications both at undergraduate and post graduate level.

We provide unrivaled support in the search for a better place to explore your potentials. INTO Migration provides access to full and part scholarships to any university in Europe and across the globe.

We encourage clients who are interested in studying abroad with a promise of pursuing their desire withal unreserved vigor knowing the countless benefits they stand to relish; which includes:
-Accessing quality world class education -Exposure to novel amazing cultures

-Fascinating career opportunities -Quality social enhancement and longstanding viable friendships

 -Prestige derived cannot be ignored also.

international degrees and certifications both at undergraduate and post graduate level.

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Work Abroad

A promising opportunity awaits you, our work/study abroad service enables you to get a worthwhile job to support and sponsor yourself abroad. This opportunity is peculiar to all our  partnering institutions abroad.

Working and studying abroad allows you to experience a country as a local. Earn money to fund your travels, making your trip last even longer!....

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Travel Abroad

There are several reasons why you should travel abroad, be it honeymoon, holidays, pilgrimage, events, conference and seminars, health, among others,

We help you get the best and make your travel abroad experience worth it!. We give details advice about countries and make recommendations based on your pocket, interest and values.

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